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Risk and Perils Data

We quantify, evaluate and simplify the risk analysis process, allowing professionals and consumers to make a better and more informed decision during the property transaction lifecycle.

Land Insight provides comprehensive and national coverage for risks that destroy and damage property, including perils from air, water, earth, fire and man-made.  Using advanced data analytics paired with an extensive database of risks and hazards, Land Insight have automated the process of identifying and understanding information relating to environmental risks.

We take large and complex environmental data and turn it into clear and simple insights, enabling anyone to make better and more informed land and property decisions.


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National perils data

Understanding your environment and surroundings plays an important role in building resilient communities.


Whether it is human-induced or caused by natural hazards, risks can be evaluated and potentially avoided or mitigated with a high degree of confidence.

Property Insight Report

Are you a property professional in the legal/banking/finance or conveyancing sector that needs to understand the environmental risks in greater detail against your property asset or portfolio ? We understand the difficulties in accessing relevant data is a major barrier to your work flow processes.


At Land Insight we believe environmental risk information should be readily available and easily accessible to all. We have created a nationally consistent solution to quantify and evaluate environmental risks to empower smart, sustainable property decisions. 

Our newest product is our Property Insight Report - developed with the property professional in mind. 

It is a short and easy to understand assessment of environmental risk constraints. This allows you to analyse potential hazards, make more accurate site assessments, and faster, more informed decisions.

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Land Insight quantifies and evaluates environmental risks to help communities, individuals and organisations to understand, prepare and better respond to disasters. 

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