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Comprehensive Environmental risk data

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Growing environmental concerns such as climate change and sustainability have highlighted the urgent need for identifying and monitoring pollutants and hazards.

Land Insight offers complete and nationwide coverage of risks, including perils from air, water, earth, fire, and human activities. We use advanced data analytics in combination with an extensive database of hazards to automate the process of identifying and understanding environmental risks. This enables our clients to quickly and easily assess the risks associated with any location, helping them make more informed decisions and take appropriate actions.

Comprehensive Environmental risk data

The data that underpins Land Insight's database is drawn from years of extensive research and multiple sources. The data is cleaned and normalised, so it is ready for analysis. But we don't just rely on third-party information - we also develop our own high-value environmental data and risk analysis, using proprietary algorithms. By leveraging our experience and expertise in automation processes, we've created the most comprehensive and reliable environmental risk datasets available.

Our easy-to-understand 'scores' provide a quick and comprehensive overview of any property and land in Australia.

Our Environmental risk catalogue is grouped into 3 main categories.

- Pollution hazards – information related the current and past land use or activities that may have the potential to cause land contamination, air, noise, water and waste.

- Ground Hazards – information related to ground hazards, including earthquake, soils risks and subsidence hazards.

- Natural Hazards – a number of datasets around the peril of fire (wildfire, bushfire prone areas, and fire history), flood (flood modelling, flood prone areas and flood events) and erosion (soil and coastal).

To find out more about our environmental risk data, you can get in contact with us at Our team will be more than happy to speak with you!


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