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Environmental Risks and Climate Change

Environmental risks, such as natural disasters, pollution, and climate change, can significantly impact the insurance market.

These risks can lead to increased claims and losses for insurers, which can cause premiums to rise and make coverage more difficult to obtain for certain individuals and businesses

As climate change becomes more pronounced in the coming decades, it will likely present challenges to our society and our environment. It's important to note that many of these environmental risks, also known as climate change impacts, are already occurring now. These are the observable effects of climate change on the planet.

Land Insight quantifies and evaluates natural and other hazards to help organisations and individuals identify, prepare and plan for disasters.

Our proprietary technology calculates billions of data points to score and forecast the risks to every property and land in Australia. We have developed a standardised database method that supports our clients' understanding and interpretation of environmental risk information.

Land Insight’s environmental data provides insights to identify trends and predict future outcomes that might impact property valuation and insurance costs.


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