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PEXA and Snowflake Collaborate to Expand Access to Land Insight Data

PEXA Group (PEXA), Australia’s leading property exchange and place-based insights solutions business, has today announced the next phase for its subsidiary, Land Insight – specialists in environmental risk data & analytics – and their new collaboration with Snowflake to provide consumers first-time access to its unique National Environmental Insights Data on Snowflake’s Marketplace. 

Land Insight, an Australian tech start-up and environmental risk data analytics and insights solutions company, is the first of PEXA’s businesses to migrate its data onto Snowflake Marketplace. The collaboration will provide consumers and industry specialists access to a unique database of Land Insight’s environmental information, containing fire, flood and contamination hazard data, improving the understanding and forecasting of possible risks to land and property across Australia. 

PEXA achieved a significant milestone in the expansion of its Digital Growth business by acquiring Land Insight back in August 2023. Since then, PEXA’s integration of Land Insight’s data into its state-of-the-art ONEData hub has accelerated the opportunity for industry to leverage the company’s unique geospatial land insights.  

Land Insight now joins over 2,500 listings on Snowflake’s cloud-based data platform, helping to expand its market reach across domestic and international markets. 

Chief Executive Officer of PEXA Australia, Les Vance, said the partnership with Snowflake highlights PEXA’s commitment to driving industry innovation to addresses critical customer needs, as part of the company’s growth strategy to extend into adjacent markets beyond the core PEXA Exchange. 

“Our collaboration with Snowflake is the next step towards enabling Land Insight to become the leading source of climate and environment-related information in Australia, while improving international customer access to their data,” Mr Vance said. 

“We know that our customers increasingly want access to unique property-based data insights and this is an important part of how PEXA is evolving, in line with our digital growth strategy. 

“I’m excited by the progress we are making to help accelerate Land Insight’s reach to a broader customer base, while providing more of our customers with value-added and robust climate-related data insights that can aid their decision-making,” he said.  

Land Insight Managing Director, Ana Ouriques, said launching the National Environmental Insights Data on Snowflake’s Marketplace is a pivotal moment for the organisation.  

“We are thrilled to be working together with Snowflake. This collaboration accelerates our path towards providing more customers, including property developers, financial institutions, environmental consultants, engineers, and government, with access to a macro and micro view of environmental risks on land supply, with highly specialised insights to help them make more informed property, environmental, and climate-based decisions,” Ms Ouriques said.  

Theo Hourmouzis, Regional Vice President for ANZ at Snowflake added that the collaboration with PEXA highlights the company’s ambition to continue bringing the highest quality data and insight to customers through its Marketplace ecosystem. 

“We are delighted to welcome Land Insight onto our platform. Customers across the financial services, insurance, real estate and the public sector can now get access to live, ready to query data from PEXA Group companies while benefiting from the efficiency of Snowflake’s Data Sharing technology,” said Mr Hourmouzis. 

For more information visit Land Insight.

For more information, please contact: 

Danielle Tricarico – Head of Corporate Affairs, PEXA E:  M: 0403 688 980 

Kate Prigg – Corporate Affairs Manager, PEXA E: M: 0497 595 580 


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