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Environmental Risk

Land Insight quantifies and evaluates environmental risks to empower sustainable decision-making. We provide access to comprehensive environmental information, including specific details regarding environmental registers and information issued under applicable state laws that regulate air, noise, water, and waste pollution.


This information can help assess the potential impacts on human health, the environment, and financial risks, as well as identify effective mitigation strategies to minimise those impacts."


Due Diligence Reports

The due diligence reports identify liabilities and opportunities in a specific area and/or surroundings. It includes a range of current and historical information relating to environmental risks and potentially contaminating land-use practices.


Through innovative data solutions, we make the due diligence process fast, simpler, and easier for property transactions.

ESR Cover Page.jpg

Report (ESR)

$750 + GST

Enviro-Screen is the industry standard report that provides you with all the background data you need to complete your environmental due
diligence or Preliminary Site Investigation.


+ historical imagery

+ historical trade directory data

+ over 1000 datasets and searches

Find out more about this report here

DDR Cover Page.jpg

Enviro-Due Diligence
Report (EDR)

$895 + GST

Due Diligence Insight Report is the most comprehensive desktop solution in the marketplace to support your environmental investigations. It includes everything from Enviro-Screen plus our extensive research on historical and current land use information that you can only find in this report.

+ historical imagery

+ historical trade directory data

+ over 5000 datasets and researched information (unique to the market)

+Over 400,000 mapped notifiable activities (Potentially contaminated sites)

Find out more about this report here

The report is separated and grouped into easy to navigate sections as per Summary below:


Our certificates are target searches to determine whether an address or parcel contains any sort of environmental risk (flood, bushfire) and contaminated land. 

Our certificates search for information on the property only.

LI Dummy Contamination Certificate.jpg

Contamination Certificate

Information retrieved from the relevant state or government authority that notifies and identifies contaminated land.

LI Dummy Flood Certificate.jpg

Flood Certificate

A property-specific search on flood hazards and risks, including our own database of digitsed flooding reports.

LI Dummy Bushfire Certificate.jpg

Bushfire Certificate

A property-specific search on bushfire hazards and risks, including fire history information.

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