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Extensive data on environmental and climate risks, in one central location

Introducing Land Insight Portfolio review

An essential step in your risk governance

Growing environmental concerns such as global warming and climate change have highlighted the urgent need to identify and monitor contamination (pollutants) and climate hazards.  

Get a comprehensive environmental analysis of your financial institution’s portfolio

Upload your file

Provide us with a flat file of your property portfolio and our Portfolio Review offers a geospatial overview of each property.

Detailed risk information

Specific details regarding environmental registers and information issued under applicable state laws that regulate air, noise, water, and waste pollution.

Actionable insights

Information that can help you assess the potential impacts on human health, the environment, and financial risks, as well as identify effective mitigation strategies to minimise those impacts.

What's included?

Access granular datasets to understand the risks and their potential impacts, enabling you to make informed decisions on your portfolios.

Risk identification

Identify bushfire, flood and contamination risks at the individual property level


Helps support compliance with APRA’s CPG 229 Climate Change Financial Risks mandate

Multiple property types

Manage risk in residential and commercial lending

What our clients say

“We have found their reports to add considerable and cost effective value - whether as a bargaining chip, deal breaker or just for peace of mind. As a matter of course, we now refer all of our buyer clients to Land Insight. I consider their reports to be essential to all those with an interest in or duty to discover whether or not potential contamination exists. It is my pleasure to recommend Land Insight.”

Chris Curtis

Curtis Associates

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