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Fast, simple, and reliable environmental hazards and risk analysis of any property.

Our approach

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We source, catalog, and improve a wide range of property and environmental insights to enable informed property transaction decisions.

We develop geospatial modelling tools inhouse to ensure comprehensive and accurate information for due diligence transactions. 

We utilise systematic project management methodology which consists of agile development through the application of the scientific principles of computer science and data analytics.

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Environmental Insights

Why Land Insight


Land Insight is a leading company offering the most comprehensive Environmental Insights and Risk Information in Australia and NZ.

We use industry best practice environmental analysis, paired with advanced data analytics to quickly identify environmental risks and land contamination. Our search tools and screening reports help our clients quickly identify liabilities and opportunities in a specific area and/or surroundings.


Land Insight was founded to ensure thorough and accurate information is used in property projects.

Our vision is to be the number one place for the most accurate and comprehensive environmental risk information in Australia and NZ. Our internal processes follow ISO 9001 standards to ensure we consistently provide products and services that meet both quality and regulatory requirements.


We use data analytics, technology and our extensive background in contaminated site assessment to research, catalogue and identify a range of current and historical site data relating to environmental risks and potential contaminating land use practices.

Using our datasets, we ensure our clients don’t miss important environmental information and historical land use history.


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