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PCA’s in focus: Metal Fabrication and Coating

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Metal fabrication and associated metalwork industries often use various finishing treatment processes. Finishing, treating, or coating of metal includes anodising, galvanising, pickling, electroplating, heat treatment, powder coating and enamelling for the purpose of improving the properties of the source metal. Many of the chemicals and waste products from these processes can cause harm to human health and the environment if not handled and managed appropriately. Many small to medium business operations in industrial areas may undertake one or more of these activities. The potential risk of contamination is high and needs to be considered.

Understanding the location of these activities around your site is an important part of any environmental site assessment. With our extensive PCA database, this data and more can be identified and mapped with a Land Insight Due Diligence Insight Report ensuring you have all of your environmental risk data in the one easy to use location.


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