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PCA’s in focus: Petrol Stations

Service Stations are high-risk activities with the potential to cause contamination of land, ground water and the surrounding environment. Through the implementation of improved technology and regulation, modern day service stations have mitigated many of these risks. However, the nature of the business activity still makes it one of the most highly contaminating businesses we encounter in the suburban setting.

Service stations store and dispense petroleum products and contamination can occur from major failure to minor leaks that when left undetected over a period of time can result in significant contamination. Often petrol stations also include adjoining businesses such as mechanical workshops and garages, another potentially contaminating activity that needs to be considered when investigating contamination at a site. Many of the chemicals and waste products, from these processes can cause harm to human health and the environment if not handled and managed appropriately.

The age of the facility and the environmental setting in which the petrol station is located is also a key factor in understanding the contamination risk from these facilities. Understanding the location of these activities around your site is an important part of any environmental site assessment.

With our extensive PCA database, this data and more can be identified and mapped with a Land Insight Due Diligence Insight Report ensuring you have all of your environmental risk data in the one easy-to-use location.


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