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PCA’s in focus: Airports

Did you know that current or former Airports have a number of commercial/industrial activities which could lead to potential land or groundwater contamination? Most land within airport precincts undergoes extensive modification, including landfilling along with elevation changes, which has the potential for fill materials to be either imported to site or excavated and transported off-site in an uncontrolled manner.

Also storage of hazardous materials and chemicals, fuel storage/distribution, and use of firefighting equipment and foams, which historically contained the contaminants known as "PFAS". Australian State and Territory regulators, airport owners and operators, and research institutions are taking action through a National PFAS Management Program that includes site investigations, monitoring, management actions, and, where appropriate, remediation of areas identified.

At Land Insight, we have identified and mapped all known current and historical Airports locations. This curated national dataset forms part of our Potentially Contaminating Activity (PCA) data collection found only in our industry-leading environmental risk reports.

With our extensive PCA database, this data and more are identified and mapped with a Land Insight Due Diligence Insight Report ensuring you have all of your environmental risk data in one easy-to-use location.


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