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Meet The Team

Land Insight is systemising and enriching environmental data accessibility, allowing cost-effective, and fast property risk screening.


The team at Land Insight are highly qualified with strong experience in the government and environmental sectors in Australia, New Zealand and internationally. With a broad range of complementary skills in science, geospatial data analytics, process automation, and data curation, the Land Insight team help you turn your environmental challenges into strategic advantages. 


Our internal processes follow ISO 9001 standards to ensure we consistently provide products and services that meet both quality and regulatory requirements.


We pride ourselves on having built a business with the right foundations; based on integrity, trust and reputation.

Ana Ouriques.jpg

Ana Ouriques

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CEO | Co-founder

Tim Osborne.jpg

Tim Osborne

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COO | Co-founder

Arturo Rodriguez.jpg

Arturo Rodriguez

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CTO | Automation

Jonothan Chen.jpg

Jonathan Chen

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Operations Director | Geospatial

Daniel Robinson.jpg

Daniel Robinson

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Principal Partner | Environmental Services

Felipe B&W.jpg

Felipe Casas

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Delivery Manager | Geospatial

Sahaja B&W.jpg

Sahaja Muppidi

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Data Analyst, Programmer | Geospatial

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